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HAVING a steak in a restaurant always tastes far better than when you cook one for yourself at home, unless you’re a professional chef that is.

And many of us are confused at just how long we need to cook our steak for, for it to be just how we like it.


Poppy O’Toole has shared her hack for knowing when your steak is cooked and it’s so simple but very cleverCredit: poppycooks/TikTok

Some of us like it pretty much mooing, others like it slightly brown and some want it cooked well done.

But fear not, regardless of how you like your steak cooked, a Michelin star trained chef has revealed a simple hack for getting your steak cooked just right.

People will tell you there’s a bit of an art to cooking the perfect steak, but thanks to Poppy’s steak thumb hack, it couldn’t be simpler.

With only a few minutes leeway between rare and well-done, timing is key, but Poppy reveals that your thumb will tell all when it comes to getting your steak just how you like it…

Poppy O’Toole posts her food hacks to her TikTok account ‘poppycooks’.

She has a whopping 2million followers on TikTok and it’s safe to say she always has great advice.

So if you never know how long to cook your steak for and always find yourself cutting inside it to check if it’s done, then listen up.

Poppy uploaded her steak hack with the caption ‘How to test the rareness of your steak with your thumb…’.

And with this hack, you don’t need any fancy equipment, all you need is your hands.

Yep, you heard that correctly – get your hands ready.

Poppy explained: “I’m going to show you the thumb trick to get your steak perfect every time.”

Poppy explains how touching each of your fingers to your thumb will cause different levels of tightness in your palm, which resemble the firmness of steaks cooked for different periods of time.


Poppy’s clever hack doesn’t involve any fancy tools, just your handsCredit: poppycooks/TikTok


Poppy shows how feeling part of your palm can reveal the same level of firmness of steak cooked different ways<…….



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