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December 22, 2021 by No Comments

Sometimes I sit down to write my column and the ideas and the words just flow. Many times I don’t even think about what I’m writing (some of you have probably thought, “I wish she would think a little more about what she is writing”) and before I know it, my column is complete. Other times, I sit and sit trying to find just the right thing that will help you the most.

That, my friends, is called Writer’s Block. It’s a condition where the empty page mocks you while your own thoughts go further and further down the “I’m failing at this” rabbit hole. The negative self talk overcomes you until you must take to the refuge of the couch to recuperate. I’ve heard others in my home sometimes call this laziness, but that’s not the noun I use to describe myself.

I’ve noticed this week that “cooking block” is also a thing. I can’t even tell you how many people have called, texted, emailed and left website comments with idea requests for their holiday meals, parties and larger crowds.

Here’s my general advice for all things holiday:

  1. Go look at your kitchen. Take account of what you have to cook with. If you have four stove eyes and an oven then you can comfortably cook four immediate stovetop items (probably no more than 3-4 quarts each) and cook/warm two or three casserole dishes in the oven. If you are planning for a big ham or turkey, then you are going to have to plan ahead how to get that in and out of the oven before or after your other oven dishes. If you have a crockpot, instant pot, electric fryer, rice cooker, electric eye, large toaster oven, grill, outdoor cooker, air fryer or other cooking appliance, then you open up a world of possibilities. Be creative in considering your cooking options.
  2. The idea of parties, holidays and get-togethers is that the cook also gets to socialize and spend time with friends and family. To achieve this, you have to consider a menu that allows you to be mostly finished in the kitchen by the time the guests arrive. You want to be able to welcome guests, serve them a drink and maybe a snack while you wait for the final guests to arrive. No one wants to arrive at your home, look around at other guests that they haven’t seen for a year and try to make friendly conversation while you are sweating and whirling around in the kitchen with your hair all crazy and a dusting of …….

    Source: https://www.thestokesnews.com/features/community/33029/un-blocking-with-some-general-advice


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