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For the second year in a row, this Christmas might look quieter for some.

While there are no restrictions around household mixing this festive season, a surge in coronavirus cases means many might find themselves isolating on December 25.

Whether it’s your first time cooking Christmas dinner or if you’re experienced, everyone could use some hacks to save time and hassle.

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To lend a hand, we’ve put together this hour-by-hour guide – complete with timings and stuffed with helpful tips.

From pigs in blankets, to crispy roast potatoes and of course your Christmas turkey – we’ve covered it all.

The night before

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A lot more than you might realise can be done the night before the big day. You can get lots of prep work sorted in advance, to give you maximum family time on Christmas Day.

Firstly, if your turkey is frozen, you need to make sure it has plenty of time to defrost.

Some 24 hours in the fridge is ideal, unless the packaging or your butcher tells you otherwise.

If you fancy it, bread sauce can also be made up in advance to free up a saucepan.

Even the cauliflower cheese can be mostly made on Christmas Eve.

It needs to get to the point where you’ve added your cheese sauce to your cauliflower and chill, then put it in an ovenproof dish and bake the next day.

You can even roll your pigs (chipolatas) in their blankets (streaky bacon), then pop on a plate and cover with clingfilm in the fridge.

If you’re really wanting to get ahead of the game, why not peel your vegetables and leave them in cold water overnight?

You’re more than likely going to be rushed off your feet on Christmas Day.

So to make your day run more smoothly – get as much as you can done on Christmas Eve.

And one of the easiest things you can do in advance is setting the dinner table.

Whether it’s just the standard knife and fork set up or you’re going all out with festive centre pieces and table runners – get it all out of the way the day before.

The day itself

In the first instance, you’ll need to work out how long you need to cook your turkey or meat for.</…….



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