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NOT ONLY is TikTok full of content for the purpose of entertainment, there are also instructional videos offering life hacks that users deem as helpful.

Content creators are posting recipe videos on their profiles that allow users a chance to try out new recipes in their time off of TikTok.


The viral 15 hour potatoes recipe comes courtesy of chef Poppy O’TooleCredit: TikTok

What are the ”15 hour potatoes?”

15 hour potatoes refers to a trendy cooking recipe that gained popularity within the last year.

Cookbook author Poppy O’Toole provided the ingredients and the steps for the meal on her TikTok page earlier in 2021.

Through Poppy’s sharing of the recipe, social media users have taken it upon themselves to test her cooking advice and see how it holds up.

Although 15 hour potatoes might seem like a lengthy amount of time to cook a dish, the dish itself does not involve 15 hours of preparing.

Why are the ”15 hour potatoes” popular?

In all actuality, the majority of the titular 15 hours is spent waiting for the potatoes to be done following the preparation.

The kicker to the 15 hour potatoes are the quality of the crispiness achieved when the dish is finished cooking.

The quality in taste and crispiness in texture have proven popular amongst TikTok and social media users.

Many have said the ingredients required to make the 15 hour potatoes are another reason why TikTok users have found the dish to be interesting.


The recipe has gained notoriety for the number of hours it takes for the potatoes to be finishedCredit: TikTok

How do you cook the “15 hour potatoes?”

In order to assemble the 15 hour potatoes, the chef would need to gather a list of ingredients.

One cup of rendered beef fat, four cups of vegetable oil, and three pounds of Marris or russet potatoes are all required for this dish.

The process involves slicing, baking, compressing, and frying the potatoes.

The steps also include putting the potatoes in the fridge for 12 hours following the frying and using a number of cans to hold the potatoes down and flatten them to achieve crispiness.

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